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The one and only purpose of the designer, is to showcase femininity by combining it with elegance, comfort and personal style! To cherish the Beauty and Uniqueness of Women! What inspires her most is to make a Personal and Unique Style! Everland is a Fresh and Unique Brand that promotes femininity and uniqueness. By setting our Goals Higher every year and by having no boundaries we stay ahead of fashion! Free of Compromise & Full of love!!!


Like our Neverland, a dreamworld for eternal childhood and immortality.... An Ideal one like Everland.... Where anything you can imagine is real...!


The Designing Journey begins with a strong desire to make her own mark in fashion inspired fascination for ornate prints & bold eye-catching patterns. She makes her Clothes & Accessories on sustainable creation through engineered digital prints, less wastage, and evolves as a conscious luxury brand who wishes to stand out and where truly... is a Statement to Make! Seasonal collections that allow more freedom and signature details. She uses the Trends that better represents not only her aesthetic and profile, but also her philosophy and core values. She focuses on high quality ECO friendly recycled and sustainable materials & works only with domestic manufactures.


From the founding director to the creative designer, Sistrini Nota is the designer behind the Brand Everland. After studying Freelance Design, Digital Graphics & Web Design, she decided to pursue her own dream in Fashion Design. So she creates her own brand in the world of fashion!